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Logistics Services Bangalore to Kochi (Kerala) with Sewal Packers And Movers:09538805656

Relocating/ Transportation Services from Bangalore to Kochi is a significant undertaking, and the assistance of seasoned professionals like Sewal Packers and Movers can be a game-changer. The journey between these two vibrant cities involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure a seamless transition. Our dedicated team at Sewal understands the intricate details and complexities that come with such a move. From the moment you reach out to us, we embark on a journey of careful assessment, efficient packing, secure transportation, and on-time delivery. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every step of your relocation process is handled with precision and care. We take the burden of the move off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the excitement and possibilities that await you in Kochi. With Sewal Packers and Movers by your side, you're not just moving; you're embarking on a new chapter with confidence and peace of mind.

Logistics Services Bangalore to Kochi (Kerala) with Sewal Packers And Movers:09538805656

Certainly, here are some essential steps involved in the packers and movers process, including transportation, with Sewal Packers and Movers:

1. Assessment and Quotation: The process kicks off with a comprehensive assessment of your relocation needs. Our team evaluates the volume, type, and special requirements of your items to provide an accurate quotation.

2. Packing and Labeling:

Once you accept our quote, we initiate the packing process. Our skilled packers use high-quality materials to secure your belongings. Each item is meticulously labeled to ensure organized and efficient handling.

3. Inventory Documentation:

We maintain a detailed inventory of all packed items. This documentation serves as a reference during loading, transportation, and unloading.

4. Loading:

Our experienced team handles the careful loading of your possessions into our well-maintained vehicles, ensuring they are securely positioned for transport.

5. Transportation:

The transportation phase is where Sewal Packers and Movers truly shine. We employ a fleet of reliable vehicles and expert drivers to transport your items safely to your destination. Our vehicles are equipped to handle various types of goods, from delicate electronics to bulky furniture.

6. Route Planning and Monitoring:

Our logistics team plans the most efficient route for your move, taking into account factors like road conditions and weather. Real-time tracking allows us to monitor the progress of your shipment.

7. Unloading and Unpacking:

Upon reaching your destination, our team carefully unloads your items. We also offer unpacking services to make your transition more convenient.

8. Quality Check:

A final quality check ensures that all items have arrived in the same condition as when they were packed. Any discrepancies are documented and addressed promptly.

9. Settling In:

We assist in placing your furniture and items in their designated spots, making your new space feel like home.

10. Customer Feedback:

After the move, we value your feedback. Your input helps us continually improve our services


11. Post-Move Support:

Sewal Packers and Movers offer post-move support to address any additional needs or concerns you may have.

Reasons to choose Sewal Packers and Movers for your move from Bangalore to Kochi:

1. Extensive Experience:

Sewal Packers and Movers boast a wealth of experience in the relocation industry, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free move. Our proven track record and expertise in handling moves from Bangalore to Kochi make us a reliable choice.

2. Professional Team:

Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in every aspect of the relocation process. From expert packing and secure loading to timely transportation and careful unloading, we guarantee the safety of your belongings.

3. Comprehensive Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's packing your belongings with precision, transporting them securely, or even unpacking at your destination, we provide end-to-end solutions.

4. Safety Assurance:

Your valuable possessions are treated with utmost care, utilizing top-quality packing materials and secure techniques. Our commitment to safety extends to well-maintained vehicles and cutting-edge equipment for added security.

5. Timely and Transparent:

We are dedicated to delivering your belongings to Kochi punctually. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what to expect, with no hidden fees. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our customer-centric approach ensures a smooth transition from Bangalore to Kochi, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home. Choose Sewal Packers and Movers for a stress-free and dependable relocation experience.

​House Type

​Approximate Shifting Charges (Bangalore to Kochi

​ 1 BHK Apartment

INR 12,000 - INR 25,000

​ 2 BHK Apartment

INR 15,000 - INR 30,000

​ 3 BHK Apartment

INR 25,000 - INR 45,000

​ 4 BHK Villa's

INR 35,000 - INR 60,000

Please note that these estimates are subject to change and can vary based on additional services, distance, specific items, packing materials, and other factors. It's advisable to request a customized quote from a reputable packers and movers company like Sewal Packers and Movers to get an accurate price based on your unique needs.

Bangalore to Kochi Packers and Movers Hiring Guide

The best way to look for the right shifting company from Bangalore to Kochi is to check their presence in both Bangalore and Kochi. Don't worry, every mover we have listed here are verified relocation service provider who not only has offices in both cities but also has a proven record in this route.

About Bangalore to Kochi route:

Distance: 550 Km

Avg. Transport Time by Truck: 24 Hours

Approx. End-to-End Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

Availability of Shared Truck: Yes

Bangalore to Kerala Relocation Services

House Relocation 100% Safe & Affordable house shifting with timely doorstep pickup and delivery, high-quality services, shared truck availability, and insurance coverage.

Office Relocation Our Move Managers ensure fast, secure, and smooth shifting for every office size with minimal downtime and maximum benefits, quality packing and more.

Bike Transport

Avail fully secure and economical bike transport to any city in India via road or rail with door-to-door pickup and delivery, comprehensive insurance and the latest equipment.

Storage/ Warehousing Store your goods safely with 24/7 secure warehousing and climate-controlled storage units with CCTV coverage at the best prices possible.

About Kochi: Kerala

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a vibrant city located in the southern state of Kerala, India. It is one of the most important cities in Kerala and serves as a major port city on the southwest coast of India.

Kochi's strategic location along the Arabian Sea has played a pivotal role in shaping its history and character. The city's natural harbor has been a magnet for maritime trade for centuries, attracting merchants and explorers from distant lands. This rich maritime legacy is reflected in the bustling port, where you can still see the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets that were introduced by Chinese traders in the 14th century. Kochi's maritime influence extends to its vibrant spice trade, which has earned it the moniker "Queen of the Arabian Sea." The spice markets of Mattancherry and the nearby spice plantations offer a fragrant journey into the region's historic spice trade.

In recent years, Kochi has embraced modernity while preserving its cultural heritage. The city is a melting pot of tradition and innovation, with a thriving art scene, a burgeoning tech industry, and a commitment to sustainable tourism. Its serene backwaters, dotted with traditional houseboats, offer a tranquil escape from the urban bustle, allowing visitors to experience Kerala's unique backwater lifestyle. Kochi truly encapsulates the essence of Kerala – a state known for its harmonious blend of tradition and progress, natural beauty, and cultural diversity.

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